De logologische ruimte / druk 1


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Auteur: Rudy Kousbroek

Categorie:Literatuur / Onderwerp: Essays, Columns & Interviews -
Cover van het boek 'De logologische ruimte / druk 1' van Rudy Kousbroek
Uitgever Amsterdam University Press
Uitgavejaar 2008


Rudy Kousbroek opens one of his essays in The Logological Space with the following sentence: Like someone who is of unsound mind, I actually constantly want to be entertained . These brilliant essays on language let the reader fully share in Kousbroek's need for entertainment. In addition this book contains essays on anagrams, palindromes, literal Dutch to English translations, word play and spelling, quotes, as well as documents on the language world of such diverse writers as Cyra McFadden, Amanda Rose and Raymond Queneau. (Logology is the study of words with an emphasis on letter patterns, often as part of recreational word play such as anagrams, palindromes and isograms, rather than on meaning)


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