Making a business plan + Credit card

Auteur: R Grit

Categorie:School & Studie / Onderwerp: Bedrijfskunde 960
Cover van het boek 'Making a business plan + Credit card' van R Grit
Uitgevers Noordhoff Uitgevers B.V., Noordhoff, Wolters-Noordhoff B.V.
Uitgavejaar 2011


Making a Business Plan is a how-to-do textbook with an accompanying website offering useful tools that will enables you to write a business plan without any prior knowledge. In this revised edition financial terms and budgeting sheets are clearer defined. Most of the small businesses are started up in the service industry. Therefore the focus of this bookis not only on the making of products; in this edition the delivery of services are added.

On the accompanying website you will find: an entrepreneurial test, check lists, spreadsheet models, such as planning forms, budgets and balance sheets. MS Word model for writing the plan and useful hperlinks.


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