Mamluk Metalwork Fittings. In their Artistic and Architectural Context

Cover van het boek 'Mamluk Metalwork Fittings. In their Artistic and Architectural Context'
Uitgevers Eburon Uitgeverij, Eburon Uitgeberij
Uitgavejaar 2007


This study of Mamluk metalwork fittings presents a hitherto largely ignored body of Mamluk metalwork objects, i.e. metal-faced doors, doorknockers, window grilles, and window shutters, and aims to trace their stylistic and technical development throughout the Mamluk period.

In order to establish the uniqueness of Mamluk metalwork fittings, their relationship to pre-Mamluk metalwork traditions and to contemporary designs in other media is analysed. Moreover, the visual relationship between these metalwork artefacts and their immediate architectural context is assessed. Furthermore, attention is directed towards the various metalworking centres such as Cairo, Damascus, and Aleppo and their activities.

This study is completed by a catalogue, comprehensively illustrated, comprising a description of embellished metalwork fittings predominantly found in situ in the major cities of the Mamluk realm.


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