Spectacular City

Auteurs: S. Jacobs, J.F. Chevrier

Categorie:Kunst & Cultuur / Onderwerp: Film & TV -
Cover van het boek 'Spectacular City' van S. Jacobs en J.F. Chevrier
Uitgevers Nai Uitgevers/Publishers, Stichting Nai Uitgevers/Publishers
Uitgavejaar 2006


Olivo Barbieri
Oliver Boberg
Balthasar Burkhard
Vincenzo Castella
Edgar Cleijne
St ane Couturier
Thomas Demand
Andreas Gefeller
Geert Goiris
Andreas Gursky
Naoya Hatakeyama
Todd Hido
Dan Holdsworth
Francesco Jodice
Aglaia Konrad
Luisa Lambri
Ine Lamers
Sze Tsung Leong
Armin Linke
Taiji Matsue
Karin Apollonia M ller
Bas Princen
Thomas Ruff
Frank van der Salm
Heidi Specker
Jules Spinatsch
Thomas Struth
Michael Wesely
Edwin Zwakman
Spectacular City presents the work of leading artists who have chosen the urban landscape as their sphere of activity.
These artists show us the spectacle of urbanity as a myth of a life lived in a globalized, ever-changing, urban environment. They present a spectacular architecture that we may not yet have seen, but that they splay out in front of us as evidence in all its frightening glory. They are indeed not building, but photographing the future.
Aspects of this contemporary urban photography are explored in essays by Jean-Fran s Chevrier, Steven Jacobs and Emiliano Gandolfi.


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