The work of cepezed


Categorie:Kunst & Cultuur / Onderwerp: Architectuur -
Cover van het boek 'The work of cepezed'
Uitgever Uitgeverij 010
Uitgavejaar 2007


Boxed set of two paperback volumes.In the past few decades, cepezed has gained renown with transparent, sustainable and technologically progressive architecture that is remarkably usable and humane. Unaffected design, sober but stylish materialization, and careful finishing are just as characteristic of cepezed's oeuvre as the integration of spatial and construction-technical aspects.The design and building processes at cepezed are also integrated: the use of prefab components and the application of industrial building methods guarantee an optimum alignment of design and realization, in which time, quality, and costs are meticulously planned and controlled.Prototypes documents a large number of key projects and deals extensively with the various aspects of product development, building process and architecture. Catalogue offers an overview of more than thirty years' innovative design expertise.


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