(Un)common ground

Auteurs: D. Garcia, C. Brickwood

Categorie:Wonen & Tuinieren / Onderwerp: Vormgeving & Design -
Cover van het boek '(Un)common ground' van D. Garcia en C. Brickwood
Uitgever BIS Publishers B.V.
Uitgavejaar 2007


Deeper understanding of the dynamics of interdisciplinary and cross sector collaboration has never been more important as greater interconnectedness and interdependence means that we can no longer think in terms of isolated products and services.
But in developing practices and policies to encourage collaboration, managers and policy makers all to frequently underestimate the profound differences of style and culture separating the professional domains of knowledge and practice. They seek to smooth out the differences and to downplay the antagonisms, in short the tendency is to believe that successful collaboration lies in identifying 'common ground'.
The approach explored in this book of reflections and case studies takes as its starting point precisely the opposite point of view. The early research of Virtueel Platform leads to the provisional conclusion that successful collaboration most often occurs when one or more parties are willing to take the risk of standing on uncommon ground, of experiencing 'creative estrangement' from their familiar working assumptions. In this book Virtueel Platform has set out to test this proposition by bringing together important case studies and reflections based on successful collaborations between leading companies, media labs, university departments and colleges of art and design. The result is a range of practical and inspiring insights into the complex realities and rewards of cross sector collaboration. The books pragmatic approach makes it of equal value to managers, educators and art and design professionals.


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