100% Brussels

Auteur: P.B. van Wiechen

Categorie:Reizen & Talen / Onderwerp: Reisgidsen -
Cover van het boek '100% Brussels' van P.B. van Wiechen
Uitgever Mo'Media
Uitgavejaar 2009


Whether you've come to the city for sightseeing, shopping, a culinary experience or adventure, this guide lets you discover BRUSSELS in no-time. The best places of interest, museums, parks, restaurants, bars and shops have all been clearly organised by neighbourhood. There are six walks that take you past ALL THE MOST BEAUTIFUL PLACES during the daytime. And there are nightlife tips to suit all tastes and comfortable hotels for all budgets. The CLEAR MAPS tell you where you are and help you find your way around the city. Climb the Atomium, admire the monumental beauty on the Grote Markt, be surprised in lively Elsene, meet your heroes of the comic strip and go shopping on the Rue Dansaert. 100% BRUSSELS: IF YOU DON'T WANT TO MISS A THING!


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