Health care in rural South Africa / druk 1


an innovative approach

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Uitgavejaar 2010


This book describes research to evaluate health care programmes in rural areas of South Africa. This is done to show how evidence-based research can be carried out in circumstances with limited possibilities and what kind of results such research can produce. The research projects concern effects of a nutrition programme, an AIDS prevention programme, the quality of life of children with HIV/AIDS and the effects of a developmental stimulation programme for children with neurological disorders. In addition to this, the book contains a number of chapters which provide the reader with insight into the perspectives of health care developments in South Africa and how research could contribute to the improvement of health care in a developing country.

Adri Vermeer PhD is professor emeritus in Special Education at the Faculty of Social Sciences of Utrecht University in Utrecht, The Netherlands. Hugo Tempelman is a medical doctor and general director of Ndlovu Medical Trust, a non-profit health care organisation in the township area of Elandsdoorn, 160 km north of Pretoria, South Africa. He is also visiting professor in Education and Health Care in Resource-Poor Settings at the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences and at the Faculty of Medicine of Utrecht University, Utrecht, The Netherlands


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