Making a difference


Categorie:Business / Onderwerp: Communicatie 168
Cover van het boek 'Making a difference'
Uitgevers Terra Lannoo, Lannoo Campus
Uitgavejaar 2010
TypeDigitaal boek


In business, one is continually faced with challenges and problems of every sort. Some businesses adopt a formal methodology to tackle them, while others merely improvise. Either way, the results of their efforts are often disappointing. Without a lasting solution, managers find the same problems resurfacing time and again. In this very personal and inspiring book, Harley Lovegrove, an interim manager with over 25 years of commercial and industrial experience, takes a broad view on effective problem solving and project management. He shares with us his proven nine-step approach to identifying and tackling the fundamental issues that are key to achieving genuine and lasting results - even for problems that seem to be impossible to solve or too risky to tackle. Illustrated throughout with Harley's own personal anecdotes and stories, Making a Difference is an insightful and entertaining compilation of practical tools and techniques aimed at helping managers to understand and overcome the challenges that confront them.

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