'We need two worlds' / druk 1

Auteurs: Li Minghuan, L. Minghuan

Categorie:School & Studie / Onderwerp: Mens & Maatschappij -
Cover van het boek ''We need two worlds' / druk 1' van Li Minghuan en L. Minghuan
Uitgevers Ming-Huan Li, Amsterdam University Press
Uitgavejaar 1999


IDENTITY AND SOLIDAKITY Recent social, cultural and economic developments 111 Western society are at the basis of increasing cultural and ethnic diversity. People's social and cultural identities are becoming more varied. What are the consequences of these developments for social bonds and solidarity? Finding answers to this question is the aim of the series Identity and Solidarity.

A highly informative report on Chinese immigrants in the Netherlands. 'We Need Two Worlds' is a clear and well]-structured dissertation which adds a considerable amount of new material to existing knowledge of Chinese associations and their role in a Western society. The situation In the Netherlands is comparable to Chinese societies in other Western cities, such as New York and London. This comprehensive study will] help western students, academics, civil servants, politicians and journalists with an interest in Chinese culture gam a better understanding of the significance of these associations abroad. lt. also explores the efforts carried out by the Chinese migrants to benefit rather than suffer from the marginal social position that often follows a long-distance transnational migration.

Li Minghuan has been affiliated with the University of Amsterdam, Leiden University and Xiamen University.


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